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Stainless Steel Supplier In Kulai, Johor, Malaysia.

LDK Stainless Steel Sdn Bhd is a company that manufactures all kinds of stainless steels. Our premise is based in Kulai, Johor, Malaysia. We specialize in stainless steel gate, window, door grille, balcony railing, staircase railing, awning, aluminium cabinet, kitchen door, etc. The company's mission simple, to offer five star stainless steel service & experience to clients whilst benefitting from very reasonable prices.

- Vision -

Number one stainless steel brand

- Mission -

Create unlimited value for customers & Create your stainless steel products with great effort

- Code Value -

Professional, Positive Energy, Grateful, Honesty & Team Work

"Decorate your home with your heart & build your happy life with love"

"Beautify the home environment"

Our Latest Project.

"High quality stainless steel, long lasting shiny & sturdy!"

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10 Oct
历经单打独斗、拓展进取、顽强创业的拼搏精神,让他成为年轻创业者学习的模范。#杰青时代 [...]

"Safe & stable white steel products"

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